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Energy is one of the major occupancy cost considerations for every tenant that commercial building owners lease to. As tenants battle rising occupancy costs in other areas of the business, energy is an opportunity for owners to align its reduction with their real-estate asset. RE Innovations unlocks new revenues for commercial real-estate owners by transforming their buildings into an evolved energy asset.  

 REI's patented, data-driven financial model optimizes the real estate with these energy assets across our client's entire portfolios. Our focus is on the real estate asset and connecting it's owners with the new energy markets.



Commercial real estate is a continually evolving industry, especially with the leaps in technology that have occurred in the past decade. Decision making is certainly influenced by tax policy, the financial markets, and implementing new technology.

With the right approach to solar as an energy asset, these interdependent aspects of real-estate ownership can be combined to create significant value. 



Our executive team is made up of a diverse set of high-performing professionals with individual histories of delivering results in the fields of real estate, finance, and technology. Each brings a unique perspective and industry knowledge that help crystalize RE Innovations' delivery of new value in the real estate asset.  



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