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Investments in Solar Don't Have to Be So Restrictive

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

One of the main questions that every prospective client asks me is, “How much of my electric bill can I offset with solar?”

It is almost ingrained in every business owner’s head that there is only one option for them with solar – density (i.e. maximizing solar on the roof). They immediately ask, “How many panels can I fit on my building because that seems to be the only way solar can be affordable?"

This line of thinking is so restrictive, but I don’t blame them because this is how a majority of solar is sold today – designing solar to offset as much of the utility bill as possible.

The truth is a building owner has a number of considerations both from an organizational and building specific standpoint that just don’t always fit this singular approach to incorporating solar on their roof.

Can’t there be a better way? Can’t there be a more flexible way to look at solar?

Fortunately, Key Solar Strategies has a unique approach to solar – one that gives the building owner all the flexibility they need to meet their financial goals, while playing within the confines of what is possible at the building level.

No longer do building owners have to settle for higher density and as such larger investment levels to reach a tepid financial payback that is sometimes hard to swallow.

If you are considering solar and have a need for a new roof, we can help you structure a solar investment that exceeds all your financial and organizational expectations. 

And you think it will take too much time to figure out whether we can help might be surprised to know we can have a preliminary evaluation done for your company in less than 30 minutes.

So what do you have to lose?

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